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NAP Credits


Want to make the most of your donation? Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) State tax credits are available for all donors who make a minimum contribution of $500. 


The Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) provides state income tax credits as incentives for individuals and businesses to contribute directly to approved nonprofit organizations who serve the impoverished. Contributions may be in the form of cash, goods, stock, real estate, professional services, contracting services and rent/lease of space.

In 1981, Virginia's General Assembly created the program to provide tax incentives to individuals and businesses to encourage participation in helping to alleviate poverty.

How do I get NAP Tax Credits?

Individuals who make a donation (to a NAP certified charity, that's us!) receive tax credits that are worth 40% of your donation, which you can then subtract from what you owe the state of Virginia in taxes. The minimum donation by an individual or married couple must be at least $500.00.  The value of the tax credit is equal to 40 percent of the donation.

Example: Minimum - $500.00 cash donation x .40 = $200.00 Tax Credit

Do you know a business that would interested in making a donation? A business may receive a tax credit for 40 percent of their total contribution. However, they are required to give at a slightly higher level. 

Example:Minimum – $1,000.00 donation x .40 = $400.00 Tax Credit

Tax credits not usable by the individual or business for the period of contribution may be carried over the extent usable for the next five succeeding taxable years.

To learn more about ACCESS AIDS Care's State Tax Credits program, please contact Shannon Bowman at 757-640-0929.


Download the Commonwealth of Virginia's NAP Tax Credit FAQ Sheet or visit their website.



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