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As a supporter of ACCESS AIDS Care, you know that action must be taken when it comes to the increasing AIDS epidemic. You also know that your investment in ACCESS AIDS Care will be repaid in the lives saved and the communities held together. Here’s how you can take action: 
You can help. There are so many programs and events that you can donate your time to at ACCESS AIDS Care. Each year, more than 15,000 hours are donated, from community members, to help ensure our programs and special events are a success. Volunteers help by participating in our children/youth services, fundraising and preparing and delivering meals to families in need. >Visit our Volunteer Page
You can donate. A financial contribution helps us serve families and individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Hampton Roads. 85 cents of each donated dollar goes to serving our families and clients.There are so many ways to financially support ACCESS AIDS Care efforts. >Support ACCESS AIDS Care
You can be a supporter and be a friend to those who are facing the challenges of living with HIV. You are compassionate to the difficulty that accompanies diagnosis and know that people with HIV/AIDS may not have the support they need. Your support means that an individual living with HIV will not have to face the additional burden of hunger, homelessness or lonliness as a result of their status. > Read about HIV/AIDS Statistics
You can believe. In 2009, there were over 400 newly reported cases of HIV and AIDS in Virginia’s Eastern Region / Hampton Roads. Through free testing, education and outreach, we can bring more people into care and we can decrease the number of new cases reported in the future.  >Learn more about ACCESS AIDS Care's prevention and care services.

Court One Office:

248 W. 24th Street
Norfolk, VA 23517
Providing: Care Management, Housing Services, Administrative Support, Outreach, Resource & Development & the Meals Program, HIV Testing



Granby Office:

3309 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23504
Providing: HIV Education, Transportation, HIV Testing & Outreach

Hampton / Newport News:

For services, please call 
(757) 722-5511

LGBT Center:

247 W. 25th Street
Norfolk, VA 23517

Providing: Community Meeting Space, Individual & Family Counseling, Resource Center, Adult & Youth Services, Social & Educational Events & FREE HIV Testing