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CLEAR: Choosing Life: Empowerment, Action, Results!
CLEAR is Medical Care Service for African-American males living with HIV/AIDS, who have sex with other males (MSM), between the ages of 16 to 29. CLEAR is client-centered and it utilizes one-on-one cognitive behavioral techniques to change behavior.  The goal of CLEAR is to help clients maintain good health, reduce the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and to improve their quality of life. The intervention provides clients with the necessary skills to make healthy choices for their lives.
The intervention is built upon several sessions that are completed by all participants: 
Five Core Skill Sessions (required by all participants) 
  • Session 1: Getting to Know Each Other
  • Session 2: Creating a Vision for the Future
  • Session 3: Stressors and SMART Problem- Solving
  • Session 4: Exploring Different Types of Communication
  • Session 5: Putting it All Together
Menu Sessions (participants can pick one or two menu sessions)
Sexual Risk
  1. Understanding Why I Have Unsafe Sex
  2. How to Use Condoms (Correctly)
  3. Can I Influence My Partner to Use a Condom?
  4. Can I Influence My Partner to Engage in Safer Sex?
  5. How Do I Refuse Unsafe Sex?
  6. Should I Disclose My Status to My Sexual Partner (s)?
Substance Use Risk
  1. Setting Foundation for Change
  2. What are My External Drug and Alcohol Triggers?
  3. What are My Internal Drug and Alcohol Triggers?
  4. What Will Help Me Achieve My Goal Relation to Injection Drug Use?
Health Care and Self Care
  1. Motivation for Change: Wanting to Stay Healthy
  2. Attending Health Care Appointments
  3. Partnering in My Care and Treatment
  1. Understanding My Medications and Adherence
  2. What Affects the Way I Take My Medications?
  3. How Can I Discuss Medications with My Health Care Provider?
  1. Should I Disclose My Status?
  2. When and How Should I Disclose My HIV Status?
  1. How Can I Cope with Internal Stigma?
  2. How Can I Cope with External Stigma?
Wrap- up (all participants must complete) 
The incentive can range from $40.00- $100.00. During the screening/enrollment process the Project Manager will determine which program the client is eligible for.

Court One Office:

248 W. 24th Street
Norfolk, VA 23517
Providing: Care Management, Housing Services, Administrative Support, Outreach, Resource & Development & the Meals Program, HIV Testing



Granby Office:

3309 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23504
Providing: HIV Education, Transportation, HIV Testing & Outreach

Hampton / Newport News:

For services, please call 
(757) 722-5511

LGBT Center:

247 W. 25th Street
Norfolk, VA 23517

Providing: Community Meeting Space, Individual & Family Counseling, Resource Center, Adult & Youth Services, Social & Educational Events & FREE HIV Testing