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Reel It Out Queer Film Festival

ACCESS AIDS Care/The LGBT Center of Hampton Roads
are very excited to announce the 4th Reel It Out Queer Film Festival. 
Save the dates for June 1-4, 2017!
Kick off Pride month while having fun in the dark!  Enjoy some of the best that
LGBTQ cinema has to offer. This festival is a community-focused event with the goal and
purpose of exposing, educating, and introducing the lifestyle, struggles, joys, and hardships of the
Queer community through the world of film and media.
For years, the Queer community is kept silent or unrecognized in the world of film; and our struggles are kept limited and hidden from public eye. Today, that has changed and hundreds of writers, actors, and filmmakers are fighting against the "status Quo" of what is expected on TV and the movie screen; and this festival is to honor and commemorate those filmmakers who are not afraid to make films for the Queer community, because it may not be what the "traditional audiences" want but they don't care, and this festival is to commemorate and honor those brave people.
For more information about the movies, price and locations of the festival,
please visit the Reel It Out LGBT Film Festival Facebook page:

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